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Fitness Class Schedule & Cost:

Tuesdays 5:30 PM    Ladies Strength + Cardio

Cost: $4.00 per class Or purchase a punch card:
$15.00 for 5 classes ($3.00 / class)
$25.00 for 10 classes ($2.50 / class)
$40.00 for 20 classes ($2.00 / class)
Your first class is always free!
All equipment is provided by the fitness ministry.
Weather Cancellation Policy: 
On weekdays, when West Branch Schools are closed, all MORNING fitness classes at the church are cancelled.  When West Branch Schools announces a “2 hour delay”, this does not affect us.  Classes will be as scheduled. For Evening classes, please check website for cancellation announcement.  Evening classes are not cancelled due to school closing.

Ladies Strength + Cardio

Women only

“Sore Today, Strong Tomorrow” This class infuses total body strength training, fat blasting cardio, and movements that build coordination and balance. Because of the different types of training and the fact that all of these exercises are working multiple muscle groups at all times, this routine burns a lot more calories than your typical lifting routine. This workout can accommodate all fitness levels—from the beginner to the training athlete.  Modifications will be presented.

Strength & Cardio class offered:

Tuesdays 5:30-6:30 PM

Instructors:  Rachel Hancock, Cindy Schuette