What is Operation Others?
Operation Others is a church-wide, faith-driven concerted effort to raise funds for the national and international ministry to others.
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Operation Others is broken into 3 area initiatives:
MISSIONSFAR - $563,000
Currently, we fund five mission fields around the world. Over the last ten years we have planted twenty churches in those fields. We have planted ten churches in Nepal, six churches in Brazil, one in Thailand, two in Ukraine and one in North Africa. This, in addition to the funding of Dan and Sherry in North Africa, Tele and Heather Moraes in Brazil, Ben and Charity Kibbe in Thailand, Abe and Diane Bible in the Ukraine and Bob and Deb Adhikary in Nepal. We want to continue to fund these people at current levels over the next three years. In addition, we would love to double the number of churches that we have currently planted in those countries so that point we will have planted twenty additional churches by 2021.
MISSIONSNEAR - $1,000,000
DFC is not just a church that believes in the sending of missionaries to foreign countries. We believe in a local mission right here. Over the past five years, we have gone from one campus to four campuses. We have church locations in Malvern, OH; Salem, OH (English and Spanish speaking), and Damascus, OH - our original campus. Over the next three years, we are asking our people to have gospel conversations with people that live around them - at their work, at their schools, in their communities and in their homes. What if each of us committed to one gospel conversation per week? I believe it is within our reach to start two or even three additional campuses within three years. All of this as we continue to gain traction in our four existing campuses.
Our desire is to upgrade our old Malvern school which we purchased in 2014; to bring it up to date with significant improvements to the worship area, restrooms and café. We will encourage our Malvern people to do this project on their own with ninety percent of the Malvern money staying in Malvern. Ten percent of the Malvern money will go to the world-wide mission effort. In addition, our Reign Forest is bursting at the seams and our plan calls for a 5,000 square foot addition to the west of the Damascus Campus to allow for further growth as more children come to church. Additionally, more classroom space is needed Monday through Saturday as the facility is full through the week. Also, we are looking to upgrade the parking lot at our Salem campus and also do some needed improvements to a larger fellowship gathering area underneath the current sanctuary there.
The total of the three years Operation Others fund raising initiative is $2.6 million. God has always met our every need – here is how it happens: 1) Pray – ask God what He wants you to do. 2) Listen - to what it is God says. You seek God, He will give you a number. If God says do zero, then you do zero. If God says do more than that, then you do more than that. 3) Obey - what God says for you to do.
Gospel Conversations?

We are in contact with “others” everyday who need to know our stories, how Christ has changed our lives. We call these opportunities “Gospel Conversations”. We want to continue to encourage you to pray that God will put people in your path everyday who need to hear your story.  CLICK HERE for a video on Gospel Conversations.