Abe and Diane Bible have lived for over 20 years in Ukraine and the last 13 years have focused on Russia. Their efforts have been directed to training leaders who are working in the church and raising up new leaders. The core of this training takes place in the local churches rather than a Bible school setting and is called Church Based Leadership Training (CBLT).

This ministry in Ukraine was turned over to nationals already before the year 2000 and thousands of students continue to study under national leadership. Presently the CBLT ministry in Russia is being turned over to national hands on all levels.

In both of these countries the denominational leaders have asked Abe to help them to make a major evangelistic thrust which, Lord willing, will lead to many churches being planted. The drive is on to challenge all pastors and leaders to lead an evangelistic Bible study targeting men. These are called New Life groups and are seeker oriented.

In the early 90’s with the new freedom after the demise of communism there was a great spiritual awakening and fervor. However apathy has overtaken many of the churches as the years have passed. And new, although very subtle, persecution is taking place in Russia making the Christians fearful. But there are still millions of lost people and many who have not yet heard the Gospel message. Please remember that atheism was actively taught for 70 years under communism.

Pray for:

  • Revival in the churches, specifically a deep burden for lost souls.
  • A spiritual awakening in both countries, causing people to actively seek God.
  • Laborers for the harvest. We need Russian and Ukrainian men and women who are willing to count the cost and go out and seek the lost.