Celebration place

Celebration Place is for children that range in age from K-5th grade. These children are from homes that have some kind of hurt, habit, or hang-up. They’re also from homes where someone important to them has made a courageous step to begin the healing process at Celebrate Recovery.

Without intervention, these kids could very easily repeat the hurt, habits, and hang-ups they’ve seen modeled at home. Celebration place is designed to equip kids with practical coping techniques, strategies, and values to help them overcome patterns.

The program mirrors the CR teaching schedule and curriculum plan. So when adults are talking about a topic such as action, kids are learning about the same topic at an age-appropriate level. Families benefit, because they can talk about a topic when they get home.

Childcare is also available for children under 5 years old.


The Landing is a dynamic resource that targets and assists teenagers. Young people can break patterns of unhealthy behavior through the community, teaching and experiences they’ll discover at The Landing.

They’ll examine the past decisions that led them to where they are today.   They’ll talk about the patterns and behaviors that keep them trapped. They’ll   pursue the life-changing truths of freedom found throughout the Bible. They’ll   commit to living differently and building healthy relationships with family   members, adult leaders and trusted peers.